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Welcome - and thanks for visiting. Yorkshire based Wharfedale Research is dedicated to helping you discover more about any aspect of your ancestry and your family’s history, wherever they lived out their lives.

So who were your ancestors? What were their names? Where did they live? How did they earn a living? Were they rich or poor? What part did they play in the two world wars? Did they emigrate abroad or arrive in the UK from elsewhere? These are some of the questions most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another but perhaps never found all of the answers.

If you’ve ever wondered about the life and times of your ancestors but not known where to start with your family tree, or your curiosity about your family history got you started but you’ve been struggling to make progress, I’m here to help.

With 20 years’ research experience and access to thousands of records locally and on-line, I provide high quality family history research and a friendly, efficient service at competitive prices. From obtaining a birth, marriage or death certificate, locating an ancestor in a census or other historical records, delving into your house’s history and its previous occupants, through to tracing a full family tree, no project is too small or too much trouble.

I offer a free, no obligation, initial assessment to help you decide what to do next. If you go ahead and commission further research, choose from fixed price packages or the pay-as-you-go service which can be tailored to meet your research objectives and any budget. Find out more by exploring the links below. The site uses SSL encryption so you can be assured that the information you provide is transmitted securely.

Whatever you want to discover about your family history and how your ancestors lived their lives, I look forward to hearing from you.

Steven Jones

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Fixed price research


Choose from the Starter, Standard or Standard Plus packages. With each one you’ll receive a descendant report for your chosen ancestor(s), a family tree diagram and copies of historical documents that include your ancestors (subject to availability), with the option of including certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates.

Research Services

A free initial assessment of up to one hour’s research time. I’ll ask you for some basic information about the person and/or family you want to know more about, your objectives for doing so and budget. I’ll report back with findings and your options for further, more extensive, research.

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Initial consultation


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Commission research to your specification and pay by the hour. No project is too small. Based in West Yorkshire, I’m ideally placed to undertake research at local Record Offices. However, I can undertake research in all areas of the UK and abroad via the extensive  historical record collections, databases and archives available on-line.

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Pay as you go research


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Genealogy and Family History: What’s the difference?

This is an often asked question! The historian Dr. Nick Barratt offers this explanation:

"We use genealogy and family history as though they are one and the same thing, but of course they are not. Genealogy is a purer search for historical connectivity between generations - building a family tree or pedigree, if you like - whereas family history is a broader piece of research into their lives and activities".

Any of the research services offered can take you down either path, depending on your objectives.

Follow the links below to learn more.