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Terms and Conditions


1. General

1.1 By making an enquiry and, where appropriate, commissioning research, you understand and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.2 We do not undertake probate research i.e. finding heirs of deceased persons and proving their right to an inheritance. We accept no liability for the outcome or consequence of any probate enquiry that uses any aspect of our research, in whole or in part, as the basis for its findings.

1.3 You may cancel a research commission at any time providing the request is made in writing and that any research undertaken or any report or part thereof already completed at the date of receipt of cancellation is paid for in full. “In writing” means a cancellation transmitted by email or by post. Proof of dispatch will not be accepted as proof of receipt unless accompanied by evidence of a read receipt (email) or signature (post).

1.4 Wharfedale Research retains the copyright of all reports supplied as an outcome of its research. Report content is provided for your personal use only and cannot be reproduced, in full or in part, in any form. Report and family tree content cannot be uploaded to any Internet site e.g. a personal website, Genes Reunited, Ancestry or otherwise distributed electronically without our express written permission.

1.5 Historical family records can be, by their very nature, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate and may contain illegible handwriting, surname spelling variations and other inaccuracies. Official transcripts and electronic databases of original records may contain transcription errors. Whilst every effort is made to assure the accuracy of research outcomes, we can provide no guarantee this is the case especially where we consider, at our discretion, the source(s) and/or other evidence unreliable, contradictory or inconclusive.

1.6 No refunds will be made where all reasonable efforts to assure the accuracy of research have been made. However we may, at our discretion, correct any mistake brought to its attention within 90 days (starting with the date research outcomes were sent to you) and provide a revised report and family tree at no additional charge.

1.7 In the unlikely event that research cannot be concluded to meet your requirements e.g. because evidence in the records is not available or incomplete, we will provide details about the outcome of any research it was possible to carry out. You will only be charged for the time spent on the research undertaken.

1.8 You will receive, by post, copies of any Birth, Marriage and Death certificates obtained on your behalf. Only fixed price package prices include P&P. All other research outcomes e.g. reports, family tree, census records will be provided in electronic format via a Cloud based service.

1.9 Commissions from outside the UK are welcome. Any charges, fees or surcharges incurred for converting a local currency into GB pounds are payable by the client in addition to the prices quoted.

2. Fixed Price Packages

2.1 Prices for Starter, Standard and Premium packages apply only where the research is based on records pertaining to England and Wales. This is because charging arrangements vary in Scotland, Northern Ireland and elsewhere. Additional charges may apply where it is necessary to obtain copies of records from anywhere other than England and Wales.

2.2 Each package can include up to a certain number of birth, marriage and death certificates. If you opt to include certificates as part of a package, no refund can be made if the anticipated number of certificates per package are not available or are untraceable in the relevant Record Office indexes. The provision of 1841-1921 census returns and 1939 England and Wales Register entries are subject to availability. Due to the image supplier's pricing structure, 1921 census pages may attract an additional charge.

2.3 Payment of at least 50% of the package price is required before work starts. Any balance is due on completion and before the outcome of the research is released. We prefer payment by bank transfer or PayPal but will discuss alternatives with you on receipt of your enquiry.

3. Bespoke Research

3.1 We will agree with you the scope of your commission, a plan for undertaking the research, expected outcomes, estimated cost and, where appropriate, a payment schedule.

3.2 The cost is £30.00 per hour, or part thereof. This includes research time and the preparation of any reports, family trees and collation of documentary evidence. The following additional charges apply as appropriate: Birth, marriage and death certificate costs at current GRO rates; Travel costs where appropriate; Local record office document copying costs; P&P. Any other costs will be agreed with you before they are incurred. Due to the image supplier's pricing structure, 1921 census pages may attract an additional charge

3.3 Commissions to the value of £150 or less must be paid for in full before work starts. Payment for commissions with an estimated value of more than £150: At least 50% of the estimated cost is required before work starts. Further payments may be staged depending on the commission’s estimated value. Full payment must be made before the outcome of the research is released. We prefer payment by bank transfer or PayPal but will discuss alternatives with you on receipt of your enquiry.

4. Free Consultation

4.1 This is a free, no obligation, assessment of the information you provide about either:

  • Your chosen ancestor and, where appropriate, their family up to one hour’s research time. You will receive a report on the availability of historical records relating to your ancestor and an opinion about the likely success, or otherwise, of undertaking further research on your behalf; or
  • Your own research, its sources and conclusions for an independent peer review. You will to provided with feedback, suggestions on possible next steps and any alternative sources that may merit further consideration.

4.2 We reserve the right to decline a free consultation where, at our discretion, we consider that the initial information provided is too vague or inconclusive and, as a result, there is a low probability that one hour’s research would provide any meaningful outcome.

4.3 A free consultation is available only to new clients.

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